The Ducking Wing (the luck little ones have their own wing!) is designed for children under 24 months. The wing gives the ducklings a safe and secure place to explore and develop. We concentrate on the basics of colours, shapes and textures with the ducklings, looking to develop their early language and mobility. Learning to socialise and be independent is key and the rooms give the children lots of space and options to explore. They have cots on hand too for any time the little ones want a rest.

Our staff work closely with parents to understand your babies needs and requirements. We build strong bonds with both children and parents, ensuring that we can work along side home routines and preferences. As we get to know you and your children more, we tailor everthing we can from toys to schedules.


Around 24 months, when your child is ready they would progress to the Ducks room. Here the children start to concentrate on developing those social integrations, language skills and finer motor skills. The rooms give the children more space and choice, with the support of the staff to make informed decisions. We really want communications and emotions to come out and expose the children to the world in all its beauty.

Patterns, number development, sharing, independence are just some of the key areas of development for a toddler. The room has direct access to toilets to help with potty training and encouraging them to make their own choices. Staff will keep you informed and work with you throughout to ensure the ducklings are getting the best start they need.


Once ready, children between 3 and 5 join the Swans room. This is really where the children learn to get ready for school, introducing the basic concepts and skills they need to have a fantastic school career. With lots of zones of activities and open access to areas of learning all the time, the staff use the children’s interests to develop their understanding of the world.

We use the EYFS to guide our curriculum and using Tapestry we update parents along the journey. Using a mixture of group and one to one activities, all the children get the time and support they need to give them the confidence to enter reception/year 1 full of laughter and joy.


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