Learning Through Play

With over 25 years of child care experience in our team, Puddleducks’ goal is to provide children with an environment where they can learn and develop through fun and active play. Numerous studies have shown that children’s development excel when they are most happy, in a mood to explore and be inquisitive. Our staff are specially trained to ensure children have the best opportunities for this through qualifications and regular refresher training.

We place emphasis on consistently providing the children and staff with different toys and activities to keep them excited and challenged. A key staff member forms a special bond with your child, helping to monitor their progress, this relationship and trust provides the child with more confidence to be active both physically and emotionally. Enhancing their creativity through imaginative play enriches their learning experience.

Each nursery has number of different play zones including the following:

  • Soft toy area
  • Reading corner
  • Wet play area
  • Sand play area
  • Building & constructions
  • Outdoor play
  • Painting & drawing
  • Cars & Trucks

Room leaders will engage the children in group activities including dancing & singing, cooking, baking, challenges and walks.


Puddleducks are now open to all children

Thank you for all your support through this incredible time and we look forward to seeing you all again soon

Team Puddleducks

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