Healthy Eating

Now more than ever, the emphasis of a healthy and balanced diet is crucial. From an early age it is important that children receive a wide range of food and at Puddleducks we aim to provide children with a selection of fresh meals and snacks throughout the day.

All our nurseries have full on-site kitchens where fully trained staff will prepare the food using the best quality ingredients including plenty of fruit and vegetables. If we are lucky, some of the children’s home-grown tomatoes or carrots will be on the menu! We believe meal times are important times to learn and be social, often eating all together and supporting the children to eat independently. Often, we will have cooking activities to include the children like finger sandwich and pizza making.

Our menus reflect the culture and diversity represented in our nurseries and would be glad to cater to any dietary requirements your child may have. Please contact the nursery manager if you have any specific requirements.


Puddleducks are now open to all children

Thank you for all your support through this incredible time and we look forward to seeing you all again soon

Team Puddleducks

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