Tweenies (2 – 3 years)

When children reach the age of 2 years they progress to the main nursery.

Initially children learn to socialise and establish positive relationships with both adults and children. While retaining the fun element children start developing language skills and social interaction of sharing.



The 2 year olds are refered to as Squirrels and Robins are based in the Main Nursery building. The rooms are carefully designed with a “sleeping area” for those children who still require a short sleep during the day, a quiet area and activity area for more messy play.Children have the freedom to choose activies of their liking and encouraged to understand more.

The transfer of children to Squirrels and Robins is carefully planned. Parents/Carers, staff and children, play an important role in the transition to the Main Nursery.

Children and parents/carers are introduced to the new staff, as well as the larger nursery building and garden.

Children only move up when they are ready to take on board more exciting challenges and a wider curriculum. Children in Squirrels’ and Robins’ rooms continue to participate in activities that are designed to further encourage language, creative and early pattern and number recognition development.

More independent involvement in cooking, dressing up, water and sand play, painting and sticking take place during the sessions. Singing and story time help to foster a love of music and books.