Pre-School (3 -4 years)

Children aged 3 and 4 years years have dedicated rooms in the main Nursery building. These rooms are bright and lively with regular changes to displays that show the childrens work and help them feel that they make a contribution to the environment of the Nursery. The rooms resourced to support the development of children and encourage further independance.

The rooms also have free access to our secure outdoor play area and grounds that provide them with play and learning facilities. With numerous activities provided and a naturally shaded area children have pleanty to occupy them in the garden that makes learning fun.

Children are encouraged to grow plants and vegetables in small pots.In 2010 we also created a small growing area where each child can plant some seeds which they tend and harvest the crop. Edible vegetables and salads are either consumed by the children during their meal times or taken home.

Puddleducks offers more than just day care, with a full Pre-School curriculum. This is a carefully planned, stuctured approach to learning, designed to promote the six areas of, Communication, Laguage & Literacy, Problem Solving, Reasoning & Numeracy, Physical, Creative, Personal, Social & Emotional, Knowledge & Understanding of the World. These are carefully buillt into a framework of activities offered to our children. These activities are promoted through a strong philosophy of play and learning from first-hand experiences. Above all, children will have fun as they explore and learn about their world.
We are committed to provide your child with “Quality Learning Experiences” and we monitor and observe closely to ensure that each child has the opportunity to develop to their maximum potential. Our staff spend quality time on a one-to-one basis, providing each child with a good foundation in the basic skills. Dressing up, cooking, explorations and investigations become part of every session, encouraging the children to develop from a broad based curriculum. We keep detailed records of each child’s progress and we share this with the parents. These are passed on to their next school, which enables the school to build upon their learning at Puddleducks.