Babies & Toddlers

The Bedford Nursery is located on a former Farm Estate and has the benefit of a wonderful rural setting in an urban environment.

The baby unit occupies the ground floor of a house that has been carefully adapted to meet the needs of our youngest children. This  house has retained its homely atmosphere to enable our babies to feel safe, comfortable and secure.

Our senior staff are fully qualified, mature and experienced. All baby unit staff have training in first aid, food health and hygiene. Refresher training is undertaken by all staff to ensure their skills are updated. Staff are committed to the well being and above all happiness of your baby. They are devoted to building a bonding relationship with each baby and work closely with parents to enable home routines to be maintained. This is achieved through regular parent consultations, as well as daily entries in each baby’s personal diary of the activities and progress.

The baby house provides babies under 24 months with a caring, loving environment and a full range of fun filled activities. These are carefully planned to encourage the development and independence of each child.

Due to the idyllic countryside that surrounds Puddleducks, the baby house has its own secure garden where children can play. Children are also taken for pushchair rides and walks to visit the animals  that live close to the nursery, on private grounds.

As babies begin to eat solid food, our nursery cook will prepare fresh food daily, with low salt and sugar content. We cater for most dietary requirements. The weekly menus are available for parents to look at on the parents notice board. Your baby will  require a bag for spare clothes and personal items and toddlers will require their own Wellington boots!